Thursday, January 13, 2011


DATE            : 7 JANUARY 2011
DAY               : FRIDAY
TIME             : 12.00 p.m
VENUE          : 3H CLASS

1.      Mdm. Latifah Hassan                          : Head of the Language Department
2.      Mdm. Manja Bt. Md Doli                     :Senior Assistant (Afternoon)
3.      Ms. Tan Jee Ngoh                                : Head of the English Panel
4.      Mdm. Mah Kim Peng
5.      Mdm. Tee Lee Lee
6.      Mdm. Khuzaimah Zakaria
7.      Mdm.Noor Aini Bt. Mohamad
8.      Ms. Kee See Hui
9.      Ms. Noor Aisah Mohd Rosdi
10.  Mdm. Hamizilawati
11.  Ms. Ho Yin Mei
12.  Ms. Joyce Tan Pei Yong
13.  Ms.Norhafizah

1.      Mdm. Uma Devi Marappan
2.      Mdm. Noorlelawati Bt. Saleh

1.      Mdm. Shafina Farveen Abd. Rahman


1.0  Welcoming Speech by Head of English Panel.

1.1  The HOEP welcomed all the ELTs to the 1sl meeting for the year 2011.

1.2  The HOP introduced two new teachers to the panel namely Mdm. Khuzaimah Zakaria,
                              Mdm. Shafina Farveen Abd. Rahman. Ms. Joyce Tan Pei Yong and Ms.Norhafizah.

Information to ELTs

2.0    Welcoming Speech by Head of the Language Department.

2.1      The Head of the Language Department (HOD) wished Happy New Year to all teachers
           and welcomed the new teachers.
2.2      Instruction from the Principal:
           a) Submit record books next week Friday.
b) Make sure teachers’ record books are complete with dates, signatures, students name  
    and marks.
           c) HOD congratulated to all ELT teacher for the excellent file management of PLBS for
               the year 2010.
           d) MBMMBI     - A meeting will be fixed later.
                                    - All the teachers can get Guidebook on MBMMBI from Ms. Tan Jee
                                    -  all the teachers should cooperate to carry  out the activities planned
            e) Planned Leaves- teachers are asked to make mutual exchange with other teachers or
                                         prepare material for students to do  during their absence.
Action: All ELTs

3.0 Appointment of New Secretary
                        3.1       Mdm. Khuzaimah proposed Mdm. Shafina Farveen as new secretary for the
                                    English Panel. The proposal was seconded by Mdm. Manja Md Doli.
Information to ELTs

4.0 Confirmation of the previous minutes

          4.1   __ Mdm. Tee Lee Lee proposed that the Minutes of the 4th meeting 2010 to be passed. The proposal was seconded by Mdm. Mah Kin Peng._
Information to ELTs

5.0 PMR Post-Mortem
                       5.1        With reference to Post-Mortem PMR 2010 , there was an
                        increase in quality for the 2010 PMR examination of +0.1% and  a
                        slight increase in quantity of +0.06%.
Information to ELTs

           5.2        The reasons for the increment in PMR results are intensive exercises, extra classes, IEC programme, motivation programme and personally motivated students.
Information to ELTs

           5.3        For the year 2011, hope that intensive exercises, IEC & EiE programme and extra classes will increase PMR result for 2011.
Information to ELTs

           5.4        Mdm. Khuzaimah is appointed as the coordinator for Form 3.

6.0 Dasar Panitia
                       6.1        The allocation of exercises for lower secondary and upper secondary were
                                    discussed. (Please refer to Dasar Pengurusan Panitia Bahasa Inggeris 2011)
Information to ELTs

7.0 Panel Programmes and Activities for 2011

                       7.1        IEC-Target A would be carried out for PMR and SPM students.
Action: ELTs

                       7.2        EIE (English is Easy) would be carried out  for SPM students.
 Action: ELTs

                       7.3        A blog for English Panel will be established where all the teaching materials can be shared and used by all teachers.
Action: Mdm. Khuzaimah Zakaria

                       7.4        2nd Explorace will be carried out during English Language Week in April. This activity that will be held in Perkampungan Buku , Air Keroh and its main  focus in reading .
Action: Ms. Tan Jee Ngoh and Library Unit


                       8.1        The HOP thanked to all teachers for carrying out the PLBS 2010 successfully.
Information to ELTs

                       8.2        The ULBS/PLBS are to be carried out starting from February 2011.
Action: All the ELTs

9.0 Financial Standing
                       9.1        The financial standing balance is currently RM833.33.
                                    9.2          The fund is allocated for the photocopying of materials for all the 6 levels. Allocation for examination classes would be more than the other levels.
                                                Form 1: RM     50.00
                                                Form 2: RM     50.00
                                                Form 3: RM     100.00
                                                Form 4: RM     50.00
                                                Form 5: RM     100.00
                                                TOTAL:RM     350.00
Information to ELTs

10.0 Other Matters

                       10.1      Teachers are asked to use four exercise books and standardized it for all forms students.
Action: All the ELTs

                       10.2      The Principal requested the teachers to be innovative in the process of teaching and learning.
Information to ELTs

                       10.3      The HOD hopes that English Panel can prepare students for public speaking competition with the aim of giving the students some exposure.
Information to ELTs

11.0 Closing Speech
                       11.1      The HOP looks forward to the cooperation and commitment of all ELTs in carrying out all the activities planned for the year 2011.

                        (Secretary of the English Language Panel)
Date               :10th January 2011

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